Nigur Oza, started in 1992 with mixes from music records, inspired by the wild, young club scene in Berlin. He was influenced by the Techno and House music of the early 90’s. Meanwhile he started to organize his own parties and play music with a group of friends in the famous ‘Turbine’ in Berlin and the first organization of the ‘Breakbeat’ Club in Berlin, the ‘Bass Terror.’

Nowadays he is actively involved with projects and productions of Izmelate, Ibana Usa, Onka Baduz and Bolo Niesel. Since 2013, he performs under this names. For Spagat Music he produced the serie’s ‘Simple Works’. In 2014 there will be 6 more releases coming out. Next to the music, Nigur Oza owns and manages the artwork of HAKASYSTM and a collection of video cuts in music and marketing.

Nigur Oza is an upcoming, famous club DJ and prefers to entertain his fans with long intros, danceable House Peak – Times, with an always cheerful finale….


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Pücklerstr. 14
10997 Berlin

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