Besides his basic knowledge in violin, guitar and piano, Oscar Wandel aka Don Brazo sensitively transforms the dancefloor into a glowing sound experience as soon as his Live-Set kicks off the first beat. With influences from his Hip Hop background, intoxicating Breakbeats and different elements of House and Techno music, he builds up a melodic room that leaves enough space for vocal-samples from old school comics and well known movies.

Grown up in a house full of music, Don Brazo started to produce his first beats with the old records of his parents. Even today he emerges samples from Funk classics back to self-produced beats of his Hip Hop past.

With his first gig 2010 at “Körperorigami”, he decided straightaway: “I would feel awkward, playing music of other people.” It was that little moment, that sharpened his affinity to sounds, tones and melodies, found in our everyday life. Without a doubt, one thing is clear: There are no borders, and if used consciously even a fart can be transformed into music


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Pücklerstr. 14
10997 Berlin

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